Valve Guide

Sayal Industries has been designing and manufacturing premium and high performance engine valve guides for automobiles of all make and model for more than 5 decades. We are recognized as a world's leading manufacturer of engine parts. We use Grey cast iron alloy with high phosphorous content to manufacture our valves and that gives our valves high endurance and tolerance even under poorly lubricated conditions. We are a trusted name amongst engine experts and engineers all over the world and are one of the leading Engine Valve Guides Suppliers in India and across the Globe.


Technology & Advantage

At Sayal Industries our experts ensure that the finished products are precisely built and comply with the accurate dimensions on the inner bore, to ensure that its a perfect replacement for original part. The main function of the Valve guide is to conduct the heat out of the exhaust valve onto the cylinder head where it is dissipated by the cooling system of the vehicle. The Engine valve guides are integral to a engine's proper performance. The use of high phosphorous grade in the material results in optimum play and life.


Technical Specifications


  • Upto Dia 20 mm


  • Graded Cast Iron
  • Bronze

Valve Guide Types

  • Collar
  • Plain
  • Seal type
  • Double collar


Quality Commitment

Each valve guide is subjected to following inspections:

  • Metallurgical test
  • Hardness test
  • 100% dimensional check
  • Tensile strength